If you ever want to see a hero, forget about looking for someone in the sky who is faster than a speeding bullet, or checking out the rooftops for a brooding superhero who thinks that the bat is an elemental symbol which will terrify evildoers – just drop by the local fire station and you have your set of heroes there, men and women who put their lives on the line in order to rescue people (and animals, sometimes) from raging flames.

Fighting in the heat often causes stress on the human body, and in order to achieve a more accurate reading on what is happening inside, Australian firefighters have decided to swallow a “data pill” during a training exercise in order to test out its efficacy as a safety tool. This trial saw 50 firefighters take part, swallowing the Equivital EQ02 Life Monitor capsule that will get to work almost immediately, using the built-in thermometer and transmitter within to send data to a device on the chest which in turn is relayed to an external computer. Such vital information include skin temperature, heart and respiration rates, and core body temperature. This allows the base to keep track on who is able to continue soldiering on, and who isn’t.

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