If you are all for limited edition gaming peripherals, then you would surely fall in love with what we are about to announce, assuming you are a God of War fan as well. Sony Australia has revealed that there is a limited edition God of War DualShock 3 controller which will be released alongside God Of War 3: Ascension later this March. Yesterday, we tackled news concerning the beta version of the game’s spanking new multiplayer mode, where it will include a mayhem-inducing 4×4 team-based combat.

Well, how differently will the new limited edition controller function from a regular DualShock 3 controller? Your (educated) guess is as good as mine, where the simple answer is this – it will not be any different at all, other than the livery on the outside that clearly sets it apart visually from a boring old DualShock 3 controller and its color. It should not fetch too much on the second hard market though.

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