The touchscreen revolution has certainly come a long way since the Apple iPhone brought touchscreen goodness to mainstream viability back in 2007 (has it been more than 5 years already? Time sure as heck passes by all too quickly when you’re having fun). Google has a veritable pool of talented folk running the show, and it seems that the Internet search giant has set their sights on a new kind of touch typing experience which has been mapped to a full, two-handed physical keyboard.

Yes sir, this bit of patent application news was revealed earlier today, although it was filed all the way back in September a couple of years ago. In fact, the USPTO doc outlines a method that helps display “geometric shapes on a touch-screen display… [that correspond] to a respective finger of a user” while enabling the possibility for text entry through the implementation of a “sliding movement.” In a nutshell, you might soon be able to type on glass using all your fingers, although we have seen a vague precursor to this idea in the past with a projected keyboard before.

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