When you’re searching for a flight, there’s nothing more annoying than having to remember airport codes as we’re sure many of you have absolutely no idea what your destination airport code is. If you do know the airport code, it may not be the cheapest option at times since some travelers wouldn’t mind landing in a not-as-used airport in order to save a few shekels.

Google Flights updated its service today that allows its users to search based on their destination instead of a particular airport. Instead of typing in “Tokyo, Japan” for example, you’ll be able to just enter “Japan” to allow Google Flights to deliver a number of flight options.

The prices that are delivered by Google Flights are Live prices, which means you’ll be able to secure them if you’re able to move quick enough. Saving up for a trip to Japan is an entirely different thing that Google Flights probably won’t be able to assist you with.

As of now, Google Flights is only available for use from U.S. and Canada origins, but global destinations are available through the service.

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