We know your pockets are probably filled with millions of dollars at all times, but there are some people out there who enjoy getting a good deal when they purchase goods or services. There’s nothing like getting something that’s worth, let’s say, $10 dollars, to then have it cut in half to $5 just because of a coupon. But the one pain people have with coupons is actually remembering to use them when the time comes to present it at checkout. Google is launching a new service that will make using coupons an easy and painless ordeal.

Google’s new coupon-focused service is called Zavers and it allows shoppers to use their coupons without needing to remember them at checkout. Shoppers will find manufacturer discounts on a retailer’s website and then save it into their account. Then when they shop for the product, the coupon will automatically be applied at checkout, as long as the shopper provides their rewards card or phone number.

For those who prefer in-store experiences, Zavers has been integrated with Google Wallet. Google Wallet users will just tap their phone at checkout, and, once again, the coupon is applied to the purchase. As of now, it seems Google Wallet integration is the only way to use Zavers in-store, although we’re hoping Google will consider supporting other methods.

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