It’s a brand new year, and it is time for us to begin writing and working out those new resolutions for 2013. But resolutions can be hard to keep. So, guess who’s lending us a hand to help us out. It is no other than Google. Whether it is a resolve to eat better, get fit, save more money, and travel more, Google has posted a few nifty tips for us to use. The tips can be read after the break. Additionally, Google has released an interactive resolution map for users to view other people’s resolutions for the year.

Using the power of social proof, Google wants us to stay motivated by providing a medium to express our goals and to have all the support that you may need. You can check out the resolution map here. “Research shows that you’re more likely to achieve your resolutions if you write them down and have support. Try sharing your goals with communities around you,” says Liz Wessel, the Associate Product Marketing Manager at Google.

Eat better

  • Counting calories? Apps such as Diet Diary can be easily accessed through Chrome or your Android device—that way it’s with you when it‘s on your mind. If spreadsheets are more your style, try one of several Google Docs templates, like this weekly meal planner.
  • Find recipes for healthy meals and how-to-cook videos with apps like BBC’s Good Food for Chrome or food channels like Show me the Curry on YouTube.
  • Rely on the Google+ community for motivation and learn from others via hangouts on how to prepare healthy meals.
  • We know how easy it is to fall off track. Check out Google Play to find apps, books and music to keep you motivated.

Get fiscally fit

  • To control your finances, you need to know exactly where money is coming in and out. This simple budget template in Google Drive already has you halfway there.
  • If you prefer a more detailed budget, try using an app like Mint to track your finances on the go, available on both Android and Chrome.
  • Keep track of your stock portfolio and related market news via Google Finance or with brokerage apps like E*TRADE from Google Play.

Travel more

  • Use Google Flight Search to quickly compare flight times and costs across airlines. Try the “tourist spotlight” feature on Google Hotel Finder to find a room near the hottest spots in the city.
  • Simply type [tourist attractions <city name>] into Google Search to see some of the top points of interest. Once you have a list of the things you want to do and see, keep it in one place and share it with your travel buddies using Google Sheets.
  • Never get lost with Google Maps. Whether your plans are local or international,indoors or out, comprehensive and accurate Google Maps can help you find your way.

Learn something new

If your resolution wasn’t listed here, try checking out SELF Magazine’s Google+ page with tips from experts, live via Google+ hangouts, for 13 more resolutions starting on January 13.

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