It’s been a little over six months since Google announced its Project Glass and even though the company was ready to announce it to the world, it still doesn’t entirely know what features to consider for the device. Taking pictures and having a microphone available is one thing, but how are users going to write long emails or communicate via text when it’s more convenient than chatting by voice? A new Google patent may hint at a feature that could help with that.

Google filed Patent 20130016070 today that shows its Google Glass able to project a laser keyboard from the frames of the glasses. The projection can be displayed on the user’s hand, which they can then use their other hand in order to issue commands to Google Glass. The camera in the glasses can also interpret gestures to allow for inputs to be made by moving your hand.

Patents don’t technically mean a company is ready to implement what it filed for into their products, but it does give us a glimpse into its possible future. In the case of Google Glass, being able to project a laser keyboard when you need one would be a welcomed addition.

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