[CES 2013] Harman is the name you look to when it comes to your home audio and entertainment options, but this time around it would be ears in your car that will benefit especially when they have just announced their very own QuantumLogic 3D technology that claims to deliver an unmatched three-dimensional surround sound experience to in-car audio. With Harman’s patented QuantumLogic Surround (QLS) digital signal processing technology as the bedrock of inspiration, QuantumLogic 3D is said to be able to accurately identify and redistribute audio streams, while incorporating additional audio streams which are then reproduced using overhead speakers in order to deliver an unmatched three-dimensional surround experience. Or so they asy.

QLS-3D technology is said to play nice with mono, stereo, and multi-channel content, where it delivers a natural three-dimensional sound field without any of the artificial effects that are used by competitive surround sound technologies. If you happen to be an automotive OEM, then you can look forward to implementing QuantumLogic 3D technology already as part of your product line up in the year(s) to come.

QLS-3D will most probably sound better to most folks as it relies on sources from the original material and does not throw in special effects such as reverberation on its own, resulting in an extremely close three-dimensional surround experience as possible.

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