Hasbro is one brand name that has a whole lot to do with games, and they have certainly made a killing in recent times with three Transformers movies by Michael Bay, with far more merchandise sold than Optimus Prime can store at the back of his truck. Well, there is another icon that could make the jump into the real world – that of Tetris.

Hasbro has already come to an agreement with Popcap’s parent EA to port the Bejeweled game to the offline world, and this time their agreement is with The Tetris Company, meaning Hasbro will have the go-ahead to manufacture and distribute face-to-face games that are based on the Tetris brand. I wonder just how these Tetris games will pan out in the end, and assuming you have a sore loser sitting opposite of you, which tetromino would hurt the most when you hurl it at someone with a whole lot of force?

Would you purchase a Tetris board game? It is hard to imagine just what kind of excitement can come out from what is basically a brick-dropping game in real life, but perhaps the folks over at Hasbro know something that we don’t.

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