As far as the patent war between Apple and Android manufacturers are concerned, peace has been achieved at least with HTC. As you might have heard, HTC isn’t doing so well for itself financially and we can only imagine that the fees that the Taiwanese company has to pay to its army of lawyers amongst other legal fees and expenditures, well it most certainly can’t be cheap and that is a view that HTC China’s President, Ray Yam, seems to hold as well. In an interview with the Economic Observer of China, Yam was quoted as saying that the company had spent too much resources on the Apple lawsuits, but now that that is out of the way, HTC expects that the settlement they arrived upon with Apple to begin to pay itself off during 2013.

Robert Yen, an analyst at Goldman Sachs in Taipei agrees as well, saying that now that HTC does not have to spend their resources and their attention on coming up with workarounds that do not infringe upon Apple’s patents, they could instead focus on creating better Android products especially since they have agreed to license some of Apple’s patents as part of the settlement agreement. While that remains to be seen, with CES and MWC around the corner, hopefully we will be seeing some of that fruit come to bear.

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