What you see above is actually a render of the upcoming HTC M7 that will be the flagship device for the beleaguered Taiwanese company who has fallen on hard times recently, although they are not too far down the rabbit hole to be rescued if they chart their path correctly in the weeks and months ahead. The date spotted on HTC Sense is January 15, which could be the date that the render was created, and the location, Barcelona, could very well be a prophetic “message” that makes the HTC M7 ripe for a Mobile World Congress unveiling.

Well, some folks would say that a render is nothing until the real deal is released, but according to Bartosz of Czujnym Okiem, what you see above is not an official render from HTC, but from folks who claim to have had access to a photo of the HTC M7. While the front looks as though it adds up, the back does not really seem to be much to believe in, with Windows Phone 8X being used as a starting point. If you ask me, the HTC M7 render does seem to share some design cues as that of the Sony Xperia range of smartphones, what do you think?

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