With the 7.9” display of the iPad mini, it certainly is smaller than the regular-sized iPad which means that there are uses for it which the regular iPad might be too big for. Now if your car does not have a lot of space but you’d like to trick it out with a unique entertainment system, the folks at Soundwaves of Tampa have revealed that they have managed to outfit a Volkswagen Jetta with an iPad mini. The iPad mini acts as a display for the entertainment system and is integrated with Sony’s CDX-GS600BT audio system, which is then controlled via the iPad mini thanks to the Sony App.

While we’re not sure how much it might cost you in terms of labor, might even be free if you’re a DIY sort of person, but the iPad mini itself will cost you $329 minimum, while Sony’s audio system will go for around $200, making this an entertainment system pretty value for money considering that the iPad mini will offer up additional features such as GPS navigation, web browsing, and maybe even FaceTime calls if you’re daring (we don’t suggest this while driving!). Pretty cool, right?

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