To say that Apple is not working on a new iPhone is an understatement. They definitely would not give up that cash cow of theirs, and so we do know that there is a new iPhone as well as a new version of iOS under the wraps, where the latter will most probably ditch the skeuomorphic design. The Next Web have claimed that they have evidence of the next generation iPhone as well as operating system in the pipeline, where one iOS developer did mention that there is a device named “iPhone 6,1” which runs on iOS 7, and this was performing requests from an IP address that is located deep within the bowels of Apple’s Cupertino campus.

Do you think that this is a red herring on Apple’s part, or are they really testing out the real deal? How about a prank by someone who spoofed an Apple IP address and the iPhone and iOS identifiers for fun? The possibilities are there, and we would strongly advise you to take this bit of information with more than the usual pinch of salt, as patience is the only real way of figuring out the truth. As Mulder once said, the truth is out there, and it could be sitting in a lab somewhere on Apple’s campus.

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