At this year’s CES, we noticed a trend in HDTVs that took focus away from 3D support to higher definition sets. A number of 4K HDTVs were announced this year, which means you’ll not only need to save a ton of cash in order to buy one, but we’ll soon be seeing much higher quality video once 4K programming starts rolling out. In the U.S., we’re just starting to hear chatter from content providers, like Netflix, in regards to being able to stream 3D and Super HD video. Japan, on the other hand, is already promising 4K TV broadcasts as early as next year.

Starting July 2014, Japan has said it expects to broadcast 4K television programs, which is two years ahead of its original schedule. The 4K broadcasts will first use communication satellite channels, then move to broadcast satellites and, ultimately, digital broadcasting.

There’s very little information at this point in regards to how wide the 4K support will reach, but Japan launching 4K broadcasts two years ahead of schedule has now put the country on track to support 8K broadcasts, which is expected to launch in 2016.

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