It would be interesting if one were to do research on the history of consoles in terms of how they are marketed. Sure, in the past a video game console remained as it is from the day it hit the store shelves until the next generation arrives on the scene, simply because folks were not too interested in a facelift. I suppose the automotive industry had something to do with facelifts influencing the video game console business, and Sony might be credited as one of the pioneers (the Sega add-ons do not count in my opinion), where the original PlayStation came in a cuter PSOne form factor, followed by the slim version of the PS2.

Well, the PS3 has also received similar treatment, and this time around, folks living in Japan will be able to benefit from the latest super slim model of the PS3 that will arrive in two new colors – Azurite Blue and Garnet Red, from February 28th onwards. Do you think you would be picking one of these two up assuming you are on the lookout for a new PS3 since your old one gave up the ghost?

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