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Kodak S1 Micro Four Thirds Camera Targets Q3 2013 Launch

kodak s1Kodak is not exactly the best example when it comes to being a company these days, but this does not mean that they have ditched the imaging industry entirely. Not quite, as JK Imaging, who purchased the Kodak brand for its own range of shooters, has just stepped forward to make an announcement concerning the S1, which will jump aboard the Micro Four Thirds camera bandwagon.

It is said that the Kodak S1 will roll out sometime in the third quarter of the year, but apart from that, we do know very little to nothing of the Micro Four Thirds camera other than the fact that it will carry integrated Wi-Fi connectivity in addition to a CMOS sensor from the folks over at Sony. Will JK Imaging be able to ensure that the good name of Kodak is not sullied with the release of the S1? Only time will tell, and we can do nothing but hope for the best and keep our fingers crossed. The thing is, we still do not know whether the Kodak S1 will be available on a worldwide basis or not, but let us hope that it will be.

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