There are whispers going around that Microsoft is looking to lighten their pockets somewhat with another purchase which will play a role in their future plans for the Xbox brand. The Wall Street Journal reported, citing unnamed sources, that Microsoft has already picked up Id8 Group R2 Studios. R2 Studios was originally founded by Blake Krikorian in May a couple of years ago, and he also founded Sling Media, the company behind the Slingbox TV streaming device. Apparently, Krikorian as the rest of his tight startup team will join up with Microsoft’s Xbox unit, where this deal will also tie up a bunch of patents that are under the possession of R2 Studios, in addition to specific financial terms which remained a secret.

It must be noted that Microsoft is not the only bigwig chasing after R2 Studios’ skirt, as Google and Apple were also said to have shown interest in picking up this outfit, and cash for all three companies involved is not an issue, so it really boils down to who R2 Studios is comfortable with, as well as the future direction which they will take. Just how do you think Microsoft will leverage all of R2 Studios should this bit of news become official?

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