Don’t you think that it is rather fitting for Microsoft to have called their tablet range the Surface? Having said that, they just have two models in the market at the moment, but rumors abound that Microsoft could very well expand the Surface’s market space in due time by introducing new models to the family? Of course, while both Surface devices are well constructed, they are not exactly priced to move, which is why Microsoft has found it rather difficult to sell it by the truckload.

At Microsoft’s earnings call on Thursday, CFO Peter Klein did suggest that the future might be paved with more affordable and a wider range of Windows 8 devices, saying, “We’re working closely with chip partners and OEMs to bring the right mix of devices. We think of Surface as one part of the overall Windows 8 story. It highlights interesting innovation, and demonstrates tightly integrated software and hardware.”

At what price point do you think you would drop serious coin for the Microsoft Surface range?

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