There is an original feature of Windows Phone 7, that while it was thought to be a pretty decent idea at that point in time, it is not that viable in this day and age. We are referring to the restriction found in Windows Phone 7, where over-the-air downloads were limited to just 20MB in an effort to help users limit their data usage. Well, with more and more people taking up unlimited data plans these days, not to mention 20MB not being able to carry a whole lot of information, but it seems that the folks over at Microsoft has decided to lift up this ceiling to 50MB – which would make it on par with iOS-powered devices downloading from iTunes.

No idea on what caused the situation to change, but we are quite sure that end users would have nothing much to complain. After all, a 20MB cap made plenty of sense when 3G networks were the norm, but if one were to take into context the LTE networks that exist at the moment, it would not make much sense.

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