I got to admit, I’m a 90s child. I’ve used those floppy disks, listened to a Walkman, and drew superheroes at class when everyone else was listening to the teacher. And, ah yes, I grew up with Microsoft too. If you’re asking me why I am so nostalgic, that’s because Microsoft has just released its latest advert for the Internet Explorer. The ad, which is now on YouTube, is entitled “Child of the 90s” and it basically walks the viewer to a time when everything was much simpler.

The roughly two-minute advert highlights most of the then-available technologies in the 90s, such as the old 56k modem, the floppy disks I’ve told you about, the Tamagotchi digital pet, the troll doll, and many more. Nearing the end of the ad, the narrator says, “You grew up, so did we.” The video ends with the Internet Explorer logo on it, and a caption that reads: “Reconnect with the new Internet Explorer.” It’s actually a nice video, probably because it is something that I can relate to. Anyway, if you’re feeling nostalgic, feel free to comment below.

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