With the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft selling five million copies alone , we’re sure many of you are big fans of the game. We also know our readership well, and know you probably like to have a nice, cold drink at the end of a hard day of work. What if you could somehow combine your love for Minecraft with your love for alcoholic drinks? Now, you can, my Minecraft-playing, beer-drinking friends.

A Minecraft Pickaxe has been created that has a bottle opener attached to the end of it so you can quickly get your brewski open while still holding onto your video game pride. As you can see above, the Minecraft Pickaxe has been created in all of its 8-bit glory and is just the right size to carry around in your pocket, which will probably impress many ladies. Just be sure to stay far away from any creepers while you’re using this thing. Just like the pickaxe in Minecraft, this thing will do little to no damage against anyone.

If you’re interested in wielding the Minecraft Pickaxe bottle opener, head on over to ThinkGeek where it’s available for $19.99

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