[CES 2013] You know how certain ideas remain in the incubation box until it receives the correct form of catalyst to move forward? I guess you can say the same applies to the MISEETX, a self-contained PC-in-a-box device which in essence, is a diminutive computer that runs on an Intel Atom processor, carrying with it some amount of RAM and a tiny LCD display which is easily flipped open. Sounds like a slight improvement over the Raspberry Pi, does it not?

One thing about the MISEETX is this – it even comes with an integrated projector so that it can project a 800 x 478 pixel display on a suitable surface. The keyboard itself will hark back to one of the older peripherals back when the Palm Treo was part of the smartphone description, as a keyboard is also projected right in front of you via a different projector. Good luck getting used to that without any form of tactile feedback!

Apparently, the MISEETX has yet to hit the market despite being on parade at CES last year and this year as well, but the manufacturer, CTX Technologies, intends to strike a deal with a major player before selling that. Who is willing to step up to the plate and market the MISEETX as their own? A probable price of $600 for this would make me look for a tablet instead.

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