You know what they say, if you want something done, then you gotta do it yourself. Considering how it is rather dry in the Land of the Rising Sun during winter, it makes perfect sense to unpack that humidifier from time to time and keep things running nice and cool instead of being totally dry. In fact, a desktop humidifier became the inspiration for this budding inventor who decided to come up with a computer display that is made up of what else, but mist. It has become a custom to test out budding technology in Japan with Hatsune Miku, so the same applies here.

While the process is said to be extremely simple to conceive, it was nonetheless rather tricky to put together, and potentially impossible to perfect – which would be unfortunate for the world. The creator, who calls himself “shige-ruuu”, hacked into his desktop humidifier, where after that he hotwired it to pump out a thick volume of fog. A custom-built rectangular box will help disperse the mist evenly, where it is then mounted to the wall. Both box and humidifier are hooked up to a vacuum tube, where a projector is then set up behind the box in order to send the images from the computer.

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