I know that we are well into 2013 now, but there is this interesting Media Block Chair that was paraded at Digital Content Expo 2012 by TeamLab, where it has been described as this, “The Media Block Chair is a block-shaped object with three protruding sides and three indented sides. Protruding sides communicate information to indented sides. If a protruding side of a red block is connected to a blue receiving block, the blue block receives the red and becomes purple. Or, if a yellow block is placed on top of a purple block, the yellow turns to green. In this way, multiple blocks can be connected and colors change. ”

When functioning as a standalone piece of high-tech furniture, it would come in the form of a shining cube-shaped multi-purpose block which will double up as an illuminating showpiece in your living room, but when you want to get all Tetris with your living room or office, you can opt to connect blocks together by fitting protrusions into the respective indentations, where this will open up different possibilities such as the use of it as a bench, display furniture, or partition. Really, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your creativity (and budget, I would suppose).

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