The world of solid state drives (SSDs) continue to expand in terms of capacity and speed, and in the future, you will most probably find the classic hard drive being rendered obsolete – this is assuming that the price of flash memory will fall down to the level of hard drives, otherwise, there will always be the price vs performance issue to mull over. Mushkin intends to forge ahead with their latest 960GB Chronos solid-state drive that is tipped to ship from this month onwards.

You do not need a rocket scientist to tell you that a 960GB SSD is extremely rare in this day and age, and it will definitely cost you a bomb if you were to include it in your notebook. This is nearly double the storage capacity of a standard 2.5-inch form factor drive, and it will most probably target disk intensive applications like workstations and servers. The layperson is not going to fork out insane amounts of money for shaving off some seconds from their program loading sequence.

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