New Wii U 3D Mario Game To Be Playable At E3 2013

When the Wii U launched just a few months ago, New Super Mario Bros. Wii U was the only Mario game available. It certainly served its purpose as Mario fans were able to play a traditional side-scrolling game with their friends, but seeing as 3D Mario games have been the most popular titles on Nintendo systems ever since Mario 64, it’s undeniable fans are waiting impatiently for news for the Wii U 3D Mario game.

During today’s Nintendo Direct streaming video showcase, we didn’t get to see or hear much about the upcoming 3D Mario title. What we did learn is whatever is being developed will make its debut at E3 this year, and will also be completely playable at the media-only show. Many people are speculating it’ll be another Mario Galaxy title, since both the original and Mario Galaxy 2 sold extremely well on the Wii.

We’ll be attending E3 again this year, so we’ll be be sure to swing by Nintendo’s press booth to check out the new 3D Mario game ourselves.

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