The Nexus 7 has already seen its fair share of victories here and there. But it seems that the tablet isn’t resting on its laurels yet. Google’s 7-inch tablet, which proved to be an eye-turner in our review last year, is selling very well in Japan. In fact, as reported by Nikkei, the Nexus 7 is gaining market share in the country and has even surpassed Apple’s own iPad. In December, market research firm BCN conducted a survey and asked around 2,400 consumer electronics stores in Japan which is the best.

The survey showed that the Nexus 7 tablet had a 44.4 percent market share while the iPad fell a little short with 40.1 percent. The survey also revealed that the major advantage of the Nexus 7 was its price, something that we also mentioned in our review. On the other hand, the iPad mini, which is Apple’s cheapest tablet, costs $100 more. However, BCN noted that during the survey, there was a shortage of supply for the iPad mini which may have contributed to its lesser score. It will be interesting to see how the tablet wars will turn out this year.

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