Nintendo Collection That Blows The Mind

What is your hobby that will be able to bring you fame and recognition worldwide as well? Perhaps your collection of comic books? Well Tokyo resident Isao Yamazaki is a website developer by day, but when dusk falls, he will be spending his time at home, going through what could possibly be one of the most complete collections of Nintendo that you can find in Japan, let alone anywhere else. Yamazaki was head over heels in love with Nintendo when he was very young, and said, “I started collecting Nintendo items 30 years ago, in 1982. My first Nintendo items were pencil erasers.”

Of course, Yamazaki has long ago moved on from pencil erasers, where his collection comprises of old Nintendo toys, cards that are more than a century old, classic games and consoles, autographs on a console like a Famicom that was signed by its creator Masayuki Uemura. Heck, when he owns a baby stroller that Nintendo once made, you know your Nintendo collection pales in comparison. Really.

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