Nokia Lumia 920 Review

Too many buttons for one side

A couple of weeks ago we reported that a supposed high-end Nokia device would be making its way onto Verizon network, and it looks like The Verge might be able to confirm that. According to their sources, it seems that the Nokia device has been given the codename Laser and the handset is expected to debut on Verizon’s network alongside another Nokia handset called “Catwalk”. It seems that both Laser and Catwalk are variants of the Lumia 920, although we’re sure if you have been keeping up with the rumors, Catwalk is said to be a Lumia 920 encased in an aluminum body versus the polycarbonate body which is currently being used.

At the moment it is unclear as to how much of a variant the Laser will be of the Lumia 920, but if The Verge’s sources are spot on, it seems that not only will this handset be a flagship device for Verizon, but Microsoft will actually be backing it up and investing some marketing dollars into helping Verizon and Nokia promote this device. No word on when exactly this Nokia Laser will be announced, but with MWC 2013 taking place next month, we expect that might be a good time for an announcement to be made. Either way we will be keeping our eyes peeled for more information about this Nokia Laser, so be sure to check back with us at a later date for the details!

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