A few months ago we reported that the Nokia Lumia 920 for China would come with slightly higher specs due to Chinese carriers’ radios not being compatible with the default chipset on the Lumia 920, and it looks like Lumia handsets in China will be getting another perk in the form of a call and SMS blocker. This appears to be both a Lumia and China exclusive, and if you’re wondering if Nokia will be extending this exclusivity to other markets around the world at a later date, chances are no because this service is in fact powered by China’s Tencent.

Tencent is a messaging service in China where downloadable keywords and blacklists for messages can be created. The call blocker on the other hand can be used to block calls from specific numbers, going as far as being able to trace where the call came from but will only work with mobile numbers, so tough luck if you’re trying to figure out where that telemarketer is calling from. These features have been introduced because SMS and call spamming are a pretty serious issue in China, so we guess Nokia and their partners are giving customers one more reason to choose them.

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