Shortly after NRA’s app was released on the Apple App Store, a petition was set up to ask Apple to remove it for obvious reasons. Well, I guess there was some mileage to be garnered from this experience, as the NRA FPS app has been reclassified to be suitable only for those aged 12 and above, instead of being suitable for all ages (which it should have been right from the get go, although I say this in my own personal opinion and capacity).

This controversial iOS shooter’s (known as NRA: Practice Range) ratings bump to the “ages 12+” category would be due to the fact that it has “Frequent/Intense Realistic Violence”, but really, 12 and above? Certain quarters feel that the new rating is an untenable position, and the app itself should be removed permanently considering the current socio-political climate in the US.

New York senator Charles Schumer said, “Apple did the right thing by acknowledging that this game isn’t for young children, but should go farther and make the restrictions as tight as possible. The NRA has acted in an unbelievably hypocritical fashion by blaming the nation’s gun violence on video games and movies, then coming out with a game for children featuring assault weapons. Apple should not facilitate children using it.”

Well, everyone has their own opinion on the matter. What do you think?

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