[CES 2013] If you own the Nintendo Wii U and the Pro Controller, but weren’t too satisfied with the way the Pro Controller had its controls laid out, you might be interested to learn that you can pick up an alternative as Nyko has announced the Pro Commander, a Pro Controller alternative for the Wii U. Nyko has announced several Wii U accessories as part of their CES 2013 lineup, such as the Charge Station U, and now the Pro Commander. As we said earlier, this particular accessory is an alternative to Nintendo’s own Pro Controller, with the difference being in its design and the position of the analog controls.For those who have seen the Pro Controller, you know that the analog sticks are position to the left and right, but with Nyko’s Pro Commander, the right analog stick is actually placed below the buttons, meaning that gamers will have easier access to the buttons, although we guess this will depend on the game that they are playing, and whether there is a need to access both analog sticks at once. Nyko claims that the Pro Commander will be compatible with any game that the Pro Controller is compatible with and will connect wirelessly with your Wii U. It will be available come February of 2013 and will be priced at $34.99 and it will come in either black or white.

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