[CES 2013] When a company is fledgling, it needs all the help that it can get – whether it is from people or from tools to help run a business as efficiently as possible. Ooma is here to help with the Ooma Office, a business phone solution that would normally be the domain of a more expensive end of a quotation. In fact, Ooma Office has been specially primed to to address the needs of small businesses. As it prepares to ship sometime in the second quarter of the year, expect Ooma Office to offer business phone service to small businesses with advanced features as well as the kind of quality of service which can normally be found in far more expensive options.

Instead of spending more than $100 each month for each line of phone service, Ooma Office slashes that amount by 80%, meaning it costs just $19.99 per line each month for unlimited calling within the US and Canada. This would definitely go a long way in helping Ooma Office assist small businesses to communicate more effectively via features which inspire confidence and professionalism.

Some of the key features found in Ooma Office include a Virtual Receptionist that delivers automatic greetings, while directing incoming calls and answering differently during business and non-business hours, a Big Business Feature Set that delivers business necessities including extension dialing, music-on-hold, ring groups, conference bridges, virtual numbers, and many other features.

The Wireless Workplace feature sees Ooma Linx remote phone jacks make clever use of DECT 6.0 technology to pave the way for easy installation and a wire-free workplace. Your ears will be more than happy to enjoy claimed unparalleled voice quality thanks to HD Voice technology, while Easy Line Expansion lets you host up to 10 lines and five phone extensions.

The Ooma Office starter pack will cost $249.99 and it comes with the Ooma Office Base Station and a couple of Ooma Linx remote phone jacks which can support up to a trio of phone extensions. The Ooma Office starter pack can be expanded to five phone extensions with the purchase of additional Ooma Linx devices.

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