Portland-based industrial designer Tory Orzeck can be said to have had a pretty accomplished life so far, with careers at GE Plastics and Nike under his belt, he is also the founder of an ID firm known as Fuse which has participated in projects for the likes of Herman Miller and Gerber. However, his latest project known as Orp will rely on crowdsourcing site Kickstarter to help him achieve reality, where the Orp has been described as a safety device for cyclists.

Rewind the clock six years back, where a young cyclist and art student was killed in Orzeck’s home base of Portland, as said student was in the blind spot of a cement truck, and the truck crushed and killed her as it turned. This impacted Orzeck, and the Orp is meant to emit a loud, high-decibel sound in order to alert a motorist to a cyclist’s presence just in case there is an emergency. There is slightly more than half of the amount required left to collect before the next 27 days pass by, so if you are interested, you might want to pledge some on your part, too.

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