There are some very talented hobbyists out there who do know how to modify existing devices and turn them into something else entirely, and what you see in the video above is a prime example. I am talking about how a computer can be turned into a portable console, especially when you hook it up to an Xbox 360 controller. Talk about a new use for the humble USB wireless adapter, where it is used to get the Xbox 360 controller working on a desktop PC. When you marry this particular idea with Splashtop, which does deliver some decent framerates on a proper local WiFi connection, you have a somewhat portable gaming console.

Basically, the entire setup saw a wireless Xbox 360 controller which controls a fully fledged console/PC game on the iPad mini, how is that for a true blue merger of different ecosystems? Of course, this is still far removed from an optimal gaming experience that hardware manufacturers have created their consoles and controllers to work within an individual ecosystem, but at least it is a different experience worth exploring for fun.

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