We know there are people out there who have no issues at all sharing every aspect of their life online. Those people take photos of their meals, what they’re wearing and publish status updates any time they get off their couch. Soon, it’ll be much easier to publish what videos you’ve watched online through sites like Netflix now that President Obama has signed bill H.R. 6671.

The “Netflix Bill” was created as a way to update a previous law that made it illegal to share what you’ve been watching. Now that the bill has been signed by President Obama, users of online video services like Netflix can opt-in to share what they’ve watched through their social networks.

It’s unknown at this time when exactly these video services will make it possible to automatically publish what they’ve watched through social networks like Facebook, but something tells me these companies have been working on the feature for quite some time and are just waiting to get the final A-OK before they can start rolling it out.

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