Do you think that life itself is full of ironies? If you have answered in the affirmative, then here is a classic example to cite where the video game universe is concerned. A particular PS Vita owner (and NeoGAF member) recently found out that even if his PlayStation Vita’s 32GB memory card still has oodles of space left, the system is only capable of displaying up to a century of apps at once.

Shagg_187, as he prefers to be known, shared the photo that you see above, touting that with 9GB of remaining space, it cannot display any more than 100 apps – never mind that 9GB of storage space leaves plenty of room for more. Any idea on the reason behind this numerical cap – could it be because Sony decided to adopt a saying, “100 apps are enough for everybody” just like how 640k used to do the trick for DOS-based machines? This is a rather strange occurrence, but we would like to see this fixed with a simple firmware update sometime down the road.

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