Last summer, we stumbled onto a story where a woman competed at the London marathon using a ReWalk exoskeleton to assist her as she suffered a spinal injury making her paralyzed from the chest down. Ever since then, we’ve been looking out for new stories revolving around ReWalk, and today, the company is announcing a number of improvements to its system.

The ReWalk Rehabilitation 2.0 has been redesigned to take full advantage of a clinical setting with an improved learning interface that allows its users to perform self-initiated standing and walking independently and untethered. The improvements will provide users more comfort and will also ease them into the transition of using a the ReWalk Personal, which is already available in Europe and is currently pending FDA clearance in the U.S.

Hopefully the FDA approves of the device for use in the U.S. as anything that could help those who are unable to walk due to serious injury should be a higher priority than approving a new flavor of Doritos.

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