I guess in a strange way, Robo-Jerry II the robot dog is able to identify with Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz fame, although Robo-Jerry II would have the advantage as it comes with a mechanical heart – something the Tin Man lacks from the get-go. Still, if you thought that having a robot dog is going to be all fun, think again, as you will first need to fork out around $35,000 to fund its development.

Professor Dan Fletcher is the brains behind the Robo-Jerry II robot dog, where he is depicted here in the Simulation Center at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Robo-Jerry II would certainly spare actual dogs exposure to a classroom environment, as Robo-Jerry II will be used to teach students how to treat animals in the event of an emergency or under critical care situations.

Fletcher said, “The goal is to give students a way to practice these emergency situations without hurting the animal. They can see real results instead of making a mistake on a real animal.” This is definitely a good thing, and I am quite sure that all them dogs would heave a sigh of relief as they join hundreds of research chimpanzees that have “retired” from their roles in the lab.

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