We have seen how robots add value to human life, whether it is at the hospital or to wash windows and performing other potentially risky jobs and chores, but how about appealing to the artistic part of our life? Well, you ought to know that Mind Out is a 20-foot cube, and all that you see on it has been covered by a single, unbroken, zigzagging line which took a total time of a fortnight to draw using a robot. The robot will run software that has been coded largely by Mattias Jones, who himself claimed that he is inspired by “a deep and abiding love of pattern.”

Jones said, “The algorithm used for determining the pen’s route is based on how bees choose their own path flower to flower.Whilst being up to my elbows in the maths and code of it, the reasons for choosing [the aesthetic] were purely visual–I appreciate the very organic shapes that occur from lots of short, straight lines.”

Will robots come up with the next Mona Lisa?

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