A couple of days ago, we brought you word that Verizon Wireless would be the carrier of choice for an upcoming Samsung smartphone that is simply known as Godiva, and this time around, we have some blurry images of the Samsung Godiva captured by an anonymous person who has duly sent it to the folks over at Engadget. So far, what we have managed to garner concerning the Godiva in terms of specifications would include a 720p display, Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean as the operating system of choice, and NFC capability within the back cover, but for folks who have been hankering after a physical keyboard, we are sorry that you are all out of luck with the Samsung Godiva. Hopefully Verizon will step forward and do the right thing by sharing with the rest of the world the official name, and chances are we need not wait that long any more. Would you be one who will be placing an order for the Samsung Godiva when it finally arrives?

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