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Longer screen, better contrast, but the color hue is yellow-ish on my unit.

Unsurprisingly both Apple and Samsung are still at war with each other over who infringed on whose patent, and in the latest series of patent wars, it seems that Samsung believes that Apple might have infringed upon a particular software patent and has asked the Seoul Central District Court for permission to take a peek inside Apple’s iOS source code in order to determine it. However since the source code of software is extremely sensitive data, not to mention pretty much what defines every single iOS device Apple has and will be making, naturally the Cupertino company has denied the request, going as far as calling Samsung’s claims “ridiculous”.

According to an Apple counsel, “[The request] doesn’t make any sense. Samsung is saying that we should give up protecting our most important data.” Apple also refused to have its software designers and engineers called to the stand for testimony as well. This request by Samsung came about when the South Korean company came to the conclusion that unless they were given a peek under the hood of iOS, they would be unable to determine as to whether Apple has infringed upon their patent. The patent in question is over iOS’ Notification Center which was introduced in iOS 5 back in 2011 and which Samsung claims infringed upon on their patents. We’re not sure how this one will play out but what do you guys think?

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