Sony seems to have something big planned for its PlayStation brand on February 1 according to a video published onto PlayStation’s YouTube page yesterday.


The video that was published is titled “Game Day 2013 Teaser” and shows a woman in a white dress walking towards the camera while ash is falling around her. Suddenly, the video shows a yellow eye opening, surrounded by dirt.

As vague as the video is, we believe it was created to tease a God of War announcement Sony plans to make on Game Day 2013, which apparently is February 1. Considering God of War: Ascension is releasing on March 12, we’re curious to hear what exactly Sony has planned for their announcement taking place later this week and if it’ll tie in with that title’s upcoming release or not.

Rumors of the PlayStation 4 have been circulating for weeks now, which we’re hoping the supposed God of War news Sony has planned will tie into news of the upcoming release of the PS4, but it seems unlikely at this point. We guess we could continue dreaming of what a God of War game would be like on the PlayStation 4 until it actually comes out.

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