While most of us out there would settle for a full contract for a smartphone in order to get the kind of steep discount that would normally not be applied if one were to pick up an unsubsidized and unlocked handset, there are others who do not need that many minutes to talk in their lives, which is where a prepaid service, or Pay As You Go (PAYG) comes in handy. Sprint themselves have a fair number of prepaid options to choose from, where no-contract plans are available via a pair of subsidiaries, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile.

Alleged internal documents picked up by Android Police do point towards Sprint jumping into the prepaid business all by itself, offering self-branded no-contract phones to consumers along the way. Some of the alleged deals include unlimited talk, text and web for $70, with its fair share of fine print to sift through, of course. Well, only time will tell whether the deals are legit or not – and more importantly, whether they are worth looking into.

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