While it might not have been imaginable many years ago that our phones would be able to run/emulate PC games, given the power that our smartphones wield, it is slowly becoming a reality. Thanks to an app called the Winulator, it seems that sometime in the near future, Android users will be able to run Starcraft’s Brood Wars on their phones. This isn’t the first time that Starcraft has been ported onto Android devices, although the previous method involved an N64 emulator which was reportedly both laggy and a messy process which we can only imagine would ruin the experience.

Winulator on the other hand is not really an emulator, but an app that allows the running of Windows API alongside ARM friendly code thanks to a tool that converts EXE and DLL files into ARM readable code. At the moment the support for Starcraft with Winulator is still being worked on, but you can check out the video above which gives you a demonstration of the game running at full speed. In the meantime its developer stated that you can run Caesar III on Winulator if you want to see what the experience might be like.

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