Study On Fireflies Results In Brighter LEDs

CES is slowly coming to an end, but we’ve heard of a lot of new LEDs coming out this year from multiple manufacturers. LEDs look incredible, but they can look even more incredible thanks to fireflies.

A study was conducted by the University of Namur in Belgium that took a look at how exactly fireflies create their light in order to modify existing LEDs to run more efficiently. During the study, they identified a pattern in the scales of the Photuris firefly that boosted the amount of light that is created in its lantern, which is an organ located on its abdomen used to attract females. The way the Photuris firefly has its scales were in such a way, that it was able to produce more light from its lantern.

Scientists studied the scales of the Photuris and attempted to mimic it by using a laser to etch a profile similar to the scales on the Photuris onto an LED bulb. The result of the test allowed the LED bulb to emit approximately 55 percent more light than it had before.

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