Back in the day, televisions were televisions, gaming consoles only played games, and phones only made phone calls. Now thanks to technology and the desire to always stay connected, our phones are not only capable of playing games, but taking photos, playing music, and the likes. Even our televisions and gaming consoles are connected, and cameras start to offer up more features beyond snapping photos and recording video. Now thanks to a survey conducted by Accenture, they have discovered that more consumers these days are moving away from “single use” products, i.e. products that are only good for one thing, instead opting for products that will be able to handle multiple things at once.

The survey also revealed some of the items that consumers are more likely to buy in 2013, and unsurprisingly smartphones take the lead with 41% followed by PCs at 36%, HDTVs at 33% and tablets at 23%. Interestingly though it seems that some “single use” products are on the rise, namely GPS devices and Blu-ray players. What do you guys make of this survey? Have you noticed that you are now shopping for gadgets that do more than just one thing, such as shopping for smart TVs instead of regular TVs and the likes?

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