[CES 2013] As much as smartphones have advanced over the years, one thing that could be improved is the actual part where it’s used as a phone as we’re sure you’ve experienced terrible call quality one too many times in the past. We’ve talked about HD Voice a few times over the years, but it’s always been something of a legend as handset manufacturers would announce their device is compatible with HD Voice, but the lack of carrier support made that feature unusable. That is, until today.

T-Mobile announced today at CES it is now the first U.S. carrier to support HD Voice calls nationwide. HD Voice, of course, improves the quality of your calls while keeping background noise to a minimum.

If you’re a Samsung Galaxy S III owner on T-Mobile, feel free to actually give someone a call to try out HD Voice for yourself. Of course, it would help if they had an HD Voice-compatible device as well so you both could talk about stuff as if you both were in the same room. That is, unless you two are in the same room, which we then recommend moving to another room before making that call.

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