Now this is a rather interesting nugget of information to cap your weekend – a Texas high school ruled in favor to prevent a girl from attending her classes last Friday since she had made up her mind not to wear an RFID-chip student ID around her neck, as she touts that doing so would be wearing the “Mark of the Beast” that is often associated in the book of Revelation.

The Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas, started to issued the RFID-equipped student-body cards when the semester started last fall, where this ID badge featured a bar code that is associated with a student’s Social Security number. This chip is capable of keeping track of where a student is on campus, including their time of arrival and departure.

The girl involved, Andrea Hernandez, was notified in November last year that unless she adhered to the rulings and wear this around her neck, she would have to find a different high school to further her studies. The whole motivation of having the school use RFID chips is money, since majority of state-financed schools see their budget affected by the average daily attendance. Do you see a different way out of a similar situation down the road?

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