Just how connected are you to your smartphone, that you have suffered from the syndrome known as “phantom vibrations” in the past? You know, that awkward moment when your hand reaches for the phone in your pocket because you swore it vibrated due to an incoming message or email, only to realize it was your imagination and body playing tricks on you. Well, some of us are definitely too connected to our devices these days, as evident by a British radio newscaster who was so engrossed with texting on her phone, that she actually toppled into a freezing canal despite a bystander sending out a warning shout, hoping that she stopped before it was too late.

The unfortunate radio newscaster, Laura Safe, was texting her boyfriend, and she was rescued by the bystander who calls himself Edgington from the wet and cold. Safe said, “I was there on the edge, teetering on the edge, moving my arms around, trying to save myself from falling into this horrendous canal which is most probably full of, well I don’t know what’s in there.” Now, if she had the Xperia Z, I’m quite sure that her phone would not have been declared unusable any more, but the most important thing is, she’s safe and sound.

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